Mass Protest Demanding Change and Democracy | #Bahrain - Bahrain national democratic opposition parties stressed that the solution to exit the crisis starts with the establishment of a transitional government which represents the different national factions in the Bahraini society, and a stop to the ongoing security crackdowns and media campaigns against dissidents.

The opposition parties stated in their final communiqué of today's mass protest that a national transitional government shall help go through the transitional phase to reach an end to the current crisis, since all violations and details of the crisis have taken place while the current government is in office.

This mass protest takes place within the escalation of consecutive popular peaceful protests called by the opposition, to mark the second anniversary of the 14 February pro-democracy revolution, and to prove that the people of Bahrain are persistent to their legitimate demands for democracy.

The opposition parties warned of the consequences of carrying on with the security clampdown and setting aside political solution and rationality.

The authority in Bahrain must respond to the demands of the political majority who have been in street protests over the past two years and even further back, demanding their right to democracy and freedom.

The opposition parties stressed that the absence of seriousness in a positive response to, and circumvention of the popular demands will further complicate the Bahraini situation.

The opposition parties also stressed that complicating the situation by wasting time in vague political projects like a hazy dialogue not between two main parties (the regime and the people), in addition to the ongoing suppression and human rights violations, will take the situation to further aggravation and rage, and which the regime takes full responsibility of.

The real political solution which sustains stability and saves the country from political and security crises lies in ensuring the people's rights.

The opposition parties stated that transition to democracy today, is the only way out of this bottleneck, and Bahrain cannot bear more stalling and waste of time through fake dialogues which lack seriousness .

The opposition parties said that the people of Bahrain have made huge sacrifices for the sake of democracy and it is impossible for this nation to abandon its legitimate demands of fundamental rights of all nations of the world.

These rights are represented in enabling the people to be the source of all powers, an elected government, a full-power parliament based on free and fair constituencies in which all citizens enjoy equal political rights, an impartial and independent judiciary that is not under the political influence of the executive authority, and security services with the mentality to protect citizens and not antagonize them.

Wednesday 6th February 2013

Bahrain national opposition parties:
AlWefaq National Islamic Society
National Democratic Action Society Waad
National Democratic Gathering Society (AlQawmi)
Unitary National Democratic Assemblage (Wahdawy)
Ekhaa National Society (Ekhaa)