The #Bahrain woman, a dynamo in struggle for rights | #Bahrain - The final communiqué of the women protest stated that Bahraini women have paid a high price in the long Bahraini struggle for democracy, rights and freedoms, probably the highest in all battles between democracy and dictatorship in the world.

The statement said “Bahraini women have made huge sacrifices and suffered from the regime’s brutality, killings, arrests, torture, suppression and exclusion. The women in Bahrain witness various crimes perpetrated by the regime mercanaries on a daily basis against their husbands, brothers, fathers and sons, and been victims many crimes themselves.”

The Bahraini woman has presented a very civilized and sophisticated example and was always a leading dynamo in the revolutionary movement, but was faced with the most outrageous violations amongst all countries of the Arab Spring revolutions for democracy.

The women in Bahrain will continue to play their political
Opposition parties insist on agreeing on mechanisms before engaging in dialogue

In regards to the invitations sent by the Justice Minister to the national opposition parties on 5th February to present names of representatives in the national dialogue which will begin next Sunday (10th February 2013) as the invitation mentions, the national opposition parties insist that there must be an agreement on the national dialogue’s mechanisms before it begins, as mentioned in the opposition’s letter to the Justice Minister on 28th January 2013 and repeated in another letter to the minister on 5th February 2013.

The opposition said that political and legal standards require that dialogue mechanisms be a part of the agreement to engage in any dialogue before it begins and not after. All Arabic and international negotiations between two or a number of parties have been known to be of agreed-upon bases and mechanisms in order to reach settlements in issues of conflict.
The opposition parties stressed that agreeing on the dialogue mechanisms and bases before it begins will help enhance both the people’s and the politician‘s confidence in the seriousness of dialogue, and thereof makes the call for dialogue credible, and avoids the failure of the dialogue and the negative consequences that follow.

Proceeding from their keenness to make the dialogue successful, the opposition parties stress that these requirements are crucial for its success.

The opposition parties affirm their seriousness in a real dialogue, however, stress that positive outcomes cannot be achieved if the regime does not provide clear answers to the legitimate questions put forward by the national opposition parties. The opposition parties have decided to send another letter to the Justice Minister on 7th February, to affirm their stance and request to meet again with the minister to agree on visions regarding the bases and mechanisms of the dialogue.

Manama - 6th Feb 2013
The opposition parties:
Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society
National Democratic Gathering Society
National Democratic Action Society
Unitary National Democratic Assemblage
Ekhaa National Society
Democratic Progressive Tribune


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