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The #Bahrain woman, a dynamo in struggle for rights

| 06 Februari WIB | | #Bahrain - The final communiqué of the women protest stated that Bahraini women have paid a high price in the long Bahraini struggle for democracy, rights and freedoms, probably the highest in all battles between democracy and dictatorship in the world.

The statement said “Bahraini women have made huge sacrifices and suffered from the regime’s brutality, killings, arrests, torture, suppression and exclusion. The women in Bahrain witness various crimes perpetrated by the regime mercanaries on a daily basis against their husbands, brothers, fathers and sons, and been victims many crimes themselves.”

The Bahraini woman has presented a very civilized and sophisticated example and was always a leading dynamo in the revolutionary movement, but was faced with the most outrageous violations amongst all countries of the Arab Spring revolutions for democracy.