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#Bahrain: Petroleum and Gas Companies Militarized

TABLOIDLUGAS.com | #Bahrain - Information revealed that the regime in Bahrain has recruited tens of militants in the Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) and an unidentified number in the Bahrain National Gas Company and the Petrochemical company.

This indicates a militarization of these fields within the authority's wider approach to militarize the state and within the entrenchment of its discrimination and marginalization policy against qualified national cadres.

These steps reflect that the tyrannical and authoritarian mentality is controlling the state, and that the rejected and illegitimate government lacks national responsibility.

The political majority of the people of Bahrain has constantly taken to streets over the past two years demanding the government to step down, and that an elected government based on the popular will and citizenship replaces the 4 decade tyranny that has put Bahrain in setback.

The systematic retaliative repression continues as most of the state's departments are turned into security departments by adopting the corrupt and hostile security mentality perpetrating the ugliest violations against the citizens.
This comes while dismissals based on political and retaliative reasons against dissidents go on.

@TabloidLugas  #Bahrain