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Talkbits Disrupts Social Voice by Launching its Mobile App in US and UK

SAN FRANCISO, February 12th 2013
: talkbits, a real-time social voice stream with people nearby, officially launches its Android and iOS applications for the US and UK markets.

With talkbits you can share public voice messages, listen to what others say, ask them about interesting events, learn firsthand news, ask locals about new places or drivers about current traffic jams, talk over burning questions collectively, make new acquaintances or just chat.Talkbits operates over channels (geotagged districts) in cities. Users can join topic-related global and local channels to catch the trending news and discuss, share and have fun in a real time streaming voice environment. Thus talkbits is building a voice layer over the venues and cities worldwide to fill the lack of valuable geo tagged voice data for the next generation online services.
Key features:
* Live public audio streams and voice messages, all cross platform
* Sending public voice records to geotagged channels
* Private chats with talkbits friends
* Group chats
* Conversation history
* Ad hoc topic related channels to spice up the conversations

"I personally use talkbits as the main communication tool between me and my friends,"– says Olga Steidl, talkbits CEO – busy life doesn’t leave time for typing in, thus recording voice messages and listening to them where it is convenient is definitely my favorite feature.

Soon talkbits will launch the following countries: Turkey, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea.

Talkbits team invites you to download the app and start exploring this amazing app full of sounds:
Download talkbits from Google Play http://bit.ly/WvSTOD
Download talkbits from Appstore http://bit.ly/Xmt28m
Talkbits’ screenshots http://bit.ly/Uvltl1
Talkbits’ video http://bit.ly/YfWcbC
Reviever’s guide http://bit.ly/WESWbw

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